Back to nature, back to self.

Nature — the powerful anti-oxidant, the great rejuvenator, the place where everything in you resets, and in turn gives you the recharge you need to best serve the world around you.


It's in the tender moments and spaces with nature, where I feel so small that my link to the world around me becomes alive again, and makes me see the greater picture of life itself. It is by removing myself from my gadgets, my building, my neighbourhood, the city, and returning off the beaten path that my passion to give is reignited, and am re-energized to create meaningful work for my clients and for the world around me.

Remembering ourselves comes easy when immersed into the potential nature brings forth. After all we are natural beings so naturally, coming to a better place inside ourselves is the natural gift from returning to nature outside ourselves.



These photos are from a beautiful hike through Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, British Columbia. It's a gentle walk through the temperate rainforest leading to rocks perched at the edge of the mainland, looking out onto Vancouver island for one. With douglas fir and red cedar giants age 500 years of old growth, and with the exquisitely fresh sea breeze permeating this precious forest park, your walk to the sea alone transitions your mindset quick out of everyday bustle. The moss-patched rocks carved out by the ever ebbing tide lead up to a viewpoint grove spotted with arbutus and shorepine, a perfect layout for an intimate picnic or patient meditation.

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Photos of Céline by Derek Chen