If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.


There is something to be said about having a fire under your 'status.' There is a reason for all your longing, your stirring, your feeling like something needs to be done. Every stage of life, from a moment to an era, has its own urges and these are there for good reason: your gut is trying to tell you something.

Even if it's just to stop, and listen. Slow down, sit and think about it. Paying attention will at the very least reassure you, but more interestingly, it might change your entire direction.


As a designer, I question everything.

Asking 'why' is first nature. Why are you in business? Why are you doing this? Why should I care? Why do you want that? Why do you like this? Why did you choose that colour? Why does it matter?

It's that life is in perpetual motion. Even when nothing seems to be happening. Waiting for the perfect conditions in instances where you know deep down that you need to take action, should only better prepare you to leap. Otherwise, this too will come to pass.

Seize the day. Leap! Flow. Rumble. Declare. Be.

Life is a process, a learning as you go. Yes, you can be prepared, but learning is a life long endeavor. There is always deeper, greater, more to learn. Action is what defines your life. Act and you will see, you will learn, you will taste and satisfy, and you will move on, to deeper, greater knowledge. One little step unfolds the next. Step into it. Start.

Don’t die with your music still in you.
— Wayne Dyer