Lee-Ann St. Jacques

Nomination for Executive of the Year Award
Influential Women of Northern Ontario 2017


Dear Esteemed Judges,

To lead with passion and vision, insight and decisiveness, without relenting integrity and authenticity, is a balancing act achieved only by truly great leaders. In close to three decades, Lee-Ann St. Jacques has managed to make these her signature attributes by way of weaving herself within her work and the lives and wellbeing of the people and communities she serves.  

And so, in this humble appeal, please allow me to nominate Lee-Ann St. Jacques for ‘Executive of the Year’ of the Influential Women of Northern Ontario 2017 Awards.

Last year, I was hired as Temporary Community Relations Worker at the CDSSAB where Lee-Ann was my supervisor and it was during this brief assignment that I witnessed first-hand the qualities that make Lee-Ann a top nominee for this timely award. I profited from her inherent insight on multiple occasions, with my thousand questions on approaching clients and our unique challenges. I felt her warmth and kindness exude in her interactions with tenants, was present for her authentic facilitation of meetings, and was ever-impressed by her expert manning of the myriad details in implementing her vision to successful execution across the organization’s various projects and community reach.

Though it is not myself but her esteemed colleagues who truly know and understand the intrinsic value she brings to the table of our communities. Her fellow community leaders have known her and have worked alongside her for years building economic wealth and opportunity in our North. It is they who without hesitation agreed and were honoured to write their letters of support, who can qualify her accomplishments, her legacy and her impact, and who attest to how she lives and breathes her role with passion, vision, and heart.

In the Nomination download, and in part below, are three preeminent letters of support, Lee-Ann’s bio and an important article on her latest and most prolific project to date, along with the Award Category Questions answered. It is my hope that these thoughts, facts and opinions will team to validate the breadth of Lee-Ann’s successes and convince you beyond a doubt that she is the genuine candidate for the IW 2017 Executive of the Year Award.


Most Respectfully,

Céline Cormier
Former Temporary Community Relations Worker, CDSSAB
Branding & Digital Designer, Owner, Gooddesign Studio

Lee-Ann St. Jacques bio


daughter, sister, mother, wife and career woman

Lee-Ann St. Jacques and her family

Lee-Ann St. Jacques and her family


Born and raised in Iroquois Falls, Ontario, in a large family of 9 children, Lee-Ann completed my post-secondary studies in Sudbury in the field of Business Administration and Marketing, before returning home to marry her best friend, raise her own family, and wholeheartedly serve her community and region up to her current role as Area Manager of Housing Services for the Cochrane District Social Services Administration Board (CDSSAB).

Lee-Ann began working in the field of Public Housing in 1989 as an Administrator of public housing until the province downloaded the responsibility to municipalities in 2001, when her role changed from Housing Manager to Area Manager. When the province downloaded social services including public housing to municipalities, Lee-Ann became more than a Landlord. Under the CDSSAB, she wore many hats and her role varied from funding administrator, to access administrator, property developer, property manager, service provider, project manager and economic development driver.

In 2008, Lee-Ann amalgamated provincial/federal and municipal services into one new administrative building in Iroquois Falls. This new 5600 sq ft building enabled CDSSAB to provide a one stop shopping environment for residents to access information and services for Ontario Works, Housing Services, Employment Services, MNDM, Service Ontario and Service Canada all in a new modern fully accessible facility.

In 2012, she was successful in creating 10 2-bedroom affordable housing townhouses for the aging population. Not only was she successful in receiving $1.26 million of funding from a federal-provincial program under the Ministry of Housing Affordable Housing Program to create these new units, but was also able to secure over $300,000 from the North East Local Health Integration Network as well as $35,000 of assisted living equipment from the Red Cross. Lee-Ann also acquired the support and commitment from the Town of Iroquois Falls which resulted in the donation of land to create this affordable housing project, a $2.5 million 9,500 sq ft construction.

In 2014-15, Lee-Ann masterminded her most prolific project to date and was responsible for the creation of 32 senior supportive housing units in Cochrane, Ontario. This venture was made possible by a three-way partnership between the CDSSAB, the Town of Cochrane and a private developer. This pilot project, A $9 million and 29,300 sq ft construction on 7.5 acres of land, created much needed affordable transitional housing for seniors, previously not available in Northern Ontario. This innovative development created new affordable housing options as well as new employment opportunities, and leads a new era in retirement living in Northern Ontario.

Career Timeline, reverse chronological order:

  • Area Manager of the Cochrane District Social Services Administration Board (2001-present)
  • Housing Manager for SCDHA/Ontario Housing Corporation, 1999 -2001
  • Administrative Assistance & Office Manager for SCDHA / Ontario Housing Corporation, 1989-1999

Special Committees:

  • Founder and Past President of the Iroquois Falls Ringette Association
  • Treasurer and Board of Director of the Iroquois Falls Community Living Association
  • Board of Director of the Iroquois Falls Chamber of Commerce
  • Founder and developer of the Iroquois Falls Health Promotion Centre
  • Lead / founder of the Iroquois Falls Community Garden
  • Member of the Iroquois Falls Networking Committee

Letters of Support

In their own words

Testimonials from Lee-Ann's esteemed colleagues



Peter Politis
Mayor, The Town of Cochrane


Michael Shea
Mayor, The Town of Iroquois Falls


Gilles Forget
Former Mayor of The Town of Iroquois Falls

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