Logo Design Submission

South Centennial Manor Redevelopment Project


What makes a house a home?

The Iroquois Falls' South Centennial Manor enhancements will aim to make this nursing home more "comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and as home-like as possible."(1)


In designing the new brand identity / logomark, I asked myself what is it that makes a house a home? In my research I found what we all know to be true: it's the personal touches and family keepsakes that truly make a house a home.  These create connection and unite us, to our roots, our family, our community. They speak of family values and the memories we share: the photographs, the hand-crafted gifts and the mementos of time spent together. It's the little things, the simple things...

In every home, you will find keepsakes of love, from our mothers, from our grand-parents, from generation to generation. A visit to grandma's house, or a look through a cedar trunk of family keepsakes, will most likely uncover something that was made by hand, made with love and care, made with the intention of happiness for someone we hold dear.


Connecting Generations

Needlepoint — feelings of nostalgia and tradition, and a simpler time


Needlework and cross-stitching are making a surprise comeback among 18 to 35-year-olds. (2) The youth generation is adopting the past-times and crafts of their grandparents and prior generations, and are connecting to these traditions in their own modern way.

I believe it is important to note that such passtimes create common ground, surface inter-generational commonalities, and provide valuable connectors within our families and our communities.

design rationale

Wisdom and youth. Classic and playful.

The South Centennial Manor brand identity is a mix of contemporary and traditional, balancing warmth and simplicity, appeals to every generation.

The font and clean lines give an appearance of efficiency and forwardness, and express confidence with its simple geometric forms. The use of the monogram layout gives the logo and air of distinction but retains a folk and more personal feel because of the simplicity of the needlework and colours. The decorative 'cross-stitch' icon conveys the nostalgia of simpler times. The 'diamond' shape makes this logo distinguished and classic, not to mention unique, and perfectly holds space for the shape of the monogram. It also makes it feel architectural and 'houses' the more personal elements of the mark, creating a sense of security and order.

The choice of primary colours are playful and meaningful, each one supporting the other and together creating a combination of youthful and traditional.

  • Blue - trust, integrity, reliability, compassion
  • Green - growth, youth, environment and life
  • Yellow - happy, playful, positive, bright
  • Red - love, heart, passion, energy

South Centennial Manor Brand Identity

1. Full colour logo; 2. Colour palette for various signage/applications; 3. Black/one-colour version (ie. for newsprint); 4. Logo grayscale; 5.Logomark two-colour variation

Please note this design is conceptual and not final. Not for distribution. For presentation of ideas and submission only. Consult, reviews, and design production still required for final file creation, and will be provided to South Centennial Manor Project Redevelopment Team. 

Thank you! Merci!