Gooddesign Studio helps you find the best approach in connecting to the people you serve, by providing strategic thinking, branding, design services and consulting.

Everything is connected, and as your brand integrates with your vision, your business model, and everything you stand for as a company. Gooddesign creates and aligns you with all the creative assets that do the storytelling for small businesses, entrepreneurs and project teams. Together we collaborate through the design process so that you are fully engaged in the design thinking for your company.


Céline Cormier, ART DIRECTOR/Designer — Gooddesign Studio, Canada

Céline is a thoughtful multi-faceted designer skilled in branding, web design, user experience, digital marketing, graphic design and content creation.

Her deep design knowledge and expert technical skill-set evolved over more than a decade working on corporate, digital agency, and marketing communications and creative services teams.

In 2011, Céline created a small consultancy to bring her wealth of design expertise to small business owners and teams, to provide them with beautifully designed business assets while inspiring them to know their value and impact as creators and providers in the communities they serve.


Experienced / Strategic / Supportive
Creative, Consulting & Mentoring

NEOnet Approved Web Developer
Broadband for E-Business and Marketing (BEAM)